Walk-ins or Appointments Mon-Thurs.  3 to 6 p.m. 


Other times/days including weekends?  Appt only.

Same Day appointments for New Patients (usually)!  To maintain the high quality care that creates referrals, we take 2 new patients each day.

Already a patient?  Walk in between 3 and 6 M-Th or make an appointment!

Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO Provider Network for all 50 states.  We file and accept most other insurances:  Aetna, Cigna, & others. 

Fast Service!  Think we're slow?  Tell us and get a "I waited too long" bonus--ZERO given to date despite 18+ years of practicing!  We despise making anyone wait, especially if they have an appointment. 

ZERO Pressure:  We tell the truth, and don't push with "You've got to come for life as often as you can, and bring everyone in your family" script.  Good care should create distance & time between treatments as rapidly as possible until pain is gone and stays gone.  Some, not all, may need supportive care to keep the pain away.  Short term pain relief care or stabilization care is presented according to actual findings from standard clinical tests and then combined with clinical experience to meet your desires for healthy living.

No High-priced Case Fees because we are a nearly 100% referral practice:  Full page ads and regular ads seen in the paper cost a lot of money, usually $1200 to $1500 per day.  While we have competitors who run these ads 3 to 5X per week or $3600 to $7500 each week, we know too often those costs get passed on to you.  That doesn't mean they are bad people, but we wanted you to know.  We have been a nearly 100% referral practice since day one nearly 18 years ago. 

Individualized Care!  Even identical twins wouldn't get the same treatment here because there are 5 factors to determine the best type of treatment.  Plus we have standardized protocols to know when to stop the treatment session, otherwise we could treat every joint in your body.  We trust your body's feedback to know what to do and when!

Payment Options Available!  We will do everything we can within the legal limits to present options if you have high deductible/high co-pay insurance or no insurance. 


Call 1.662.844.0640 anytime.  Voice Mail allows you to press "1" to skip the message


and then leave your message.  We return calls as soon as possible. 

Your Initial Visit--x-rays may not be necessary.

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Our goal for you? Your safety & happiness with us. Doc's "do-what's-right" focus is why he only recommends necessary procedures. Be treated for your unique problems based on the 5-factors discovered in our Breathe=Easy Free Consultation. Doc knows natural healing isn't a cookie cutter method like others may use. His professional opinion provides choices--before treatment.

Chiropractors Scare Me. Are they real doctors?

Once while a student at MUW, Doc had numbness with occasional shooting pains into his shoulders, arms & wrists. Nothing helped: meds, pain gels, heat, ice, nothing! Days & nights filled with agony. His cousin Ronnie the pharmacist saw & referred Doc by saying. "You need to see my doctor--the chiropractor." Even though he thought they were quacks, he went. Doc is a real doctor who passed state & national boards proving he can safely use natural relief methods for pain, aches, burning, numbness, spasms, & other problems. 

"Breathe-Easy Free Consultation Package"

Get  your proof here so you can feel better soon! Call 844-0640.Still have concerns? Not sure? Bad experiences elsewhere? Doc has heard the stories, & he apologizes that some people act like jerks. What matters is can you trust Doc to help you?  Let's find out. If you want help with your problem, if you come in for a Free Consultation, & if you are not amazed at how much we learn about your problem & connect it together for you, & if you decide "No" even with our Great Savings option, then we will donate $25 to a non-profit organization in your honor for trying.