Who else has seen lots of people for their headaches including neurologists?

In fairy tale format, but completely true:

Once upon a time there was a young woman named Sarah Dooley.

Every day for sooo many days that they turned to months, she had headaches that kept getting worse and worse. One day a neurologist said they wanted to try a new drug procedure to help her. Because of that, she spent a week in a teaching hospital and saw nearly a dozen neurologists who were still baffled about her headaches. Because of that, she was surprised to discover the stay made her headaches were worse.

She had to quit school, leave NC and return to Tupelo. Until finally her mom referred her to Doc Youngblood hoping her daughter might be helped as she had been.

And ever since that day, she started to recover her health, not only helping her headache problems but soon could eat foods she had never eaten before. Finally she returned to seminary, started running in races like 5K’s and is preparing to graduate in May 2014 and travel through 11 countries in 11 months sharing the Gospel. If you would like to read about her upcoming adventure, go to sarahdooley.theworldrace.org. (used with patient’s permission)

Tired of hurting?  Give us a call, you might not even need to go to a neurologist and spend a week in the hospital like Sarah did.

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